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Okinawa's potential is not limited to tourism.

A prefecture consisting of 160 islands with diverse cultures, people, and a diverse nature. Geographical potential as the southernmost tip of Japan and the gateway to Asia, a place where numerous social issues and abundant power converge.
That is Okinawa!

The "Okinawa Startup Guide" is a general site for information on starting a business in Okinawa, created to help people who want to start their own business in Okinawa, and to maximize the potential of the land.

Let's create a new value, a future you have yet to see at Okinawa,
a blue ocean of business!

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These founders are creating a wave of innovation in Okinawa based on their innovative ideas and technologies.
We asked these founders, who come from a variety of origins and backgrounds, about their stories of the past and the future.

For those who wish to start a business in Okinawa Okinawa Startup Guide


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Okinawa Prefecture, Putting Effort into Supporting Startups

Okinawa Prefecture has strongly promoted the "Okinawa Startup Ecosystem," which provides prompt support for startups in the prefecture. To strengthen this ecosystem, a consortium has also been established. Support has been strengthened in various aspects, including fundraising, acceleration, and matching support, and the startup scene in Okinawa has been steadily expanding in recent years.

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Recommendation in Okinawa Prefecture Coworking Space & Shared Office

In recent years, coworking spaces and shared offices have been rapidly increasing in Okinawa! We introduce facilities that are useful for business, such as corporate registration, establishments where monthly contracts for dedicated office rooms are available, and events held at any time that are ideal for making connections.

Incubation Facilities

Other Facilities

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