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Okinawa Startup Guide

Okinawa Prefecture has long been involved in government-private sector partnerships to support startups and nurture entrepreneurs in the private sector. In recent years, Okinawa has become increasingly recognized as a place for startups, with pitch events inviting entrepreneurs from Japan and abroad, and a variety of programs to encourage business.


The power to support startups
Initiatives of the “Okinawa Startup Ecosystem”

To further strengthen startup support, Okinawa has launched the “Okinawa Startup Ecosystem”. In December 2022, the prefecture established the “Okinawa Startup Ecosystem Consortium” as a joint venture to support this initiative.

The consortium is headed by the Governor of Okinawa Prefecture and is supported by major companies, financial institutions, media, universities, and other organizations representing the prefecture. The consortium was created to promote stronger and faster support for startups by establishing connections among public institutions, organizations, and facilities that have sporadically provided support for startups to date. The strengthening of the prefecture-wide system further boosts the startup opportunity in Okinawa.

Ecosystem Development Strategy
Five-year Development Strategy Announced! Consortium Helps Raise Funding and Raise the Number of Startups

In November 2023, the Consortium’s second Board of Directors meeting was held and approved a development strategy up to 2028. Targets were set for startup funding of 10 billion yen by 2027, the number of startups to reach 200 by January 2028, etc. KPIs for building an ecosystem were also announced.

Consortium support an increase in the number of startup companies by developing and securing human resources through lectures, various programs, and business contests, reinforcing funding and business support from various institutions, and strengthening the formation of communities and networks.

Consortium also further strengthen cooperation among supported companies and organizations, aiming to promote “open innovation” to create new businesses throughout Okinawa Prefecture.

Startup Support Center 
Consult first with “Startup Lab Lagoon NAHA”!

Along with serving as the consortium’s secretariat, the “Start up Lab Lagoon NAHA” was established as a startup support base in the central business district of Naha. It is a place that provides information and support to help startups in Okinawa grow significantly, and a variety of assistance is available free of charge.

【Entrepreneur Growth Support】

  • Support for corporate procedures (One-Stop Center for Business Startups)
  • Financial support for business startups (up to 2 million yen subsidy for initial expenses)
  • Acceleration Program (*Acceptance of applications for this fiscal year has been closed)
  • Holding events for businesses

【Startup Growth Support】

  • Business development assistance (5 million yen for business verification support / 10 million yen for business development assistance)
  • Mentoring (direct advice and feedback from experts)
  • Matching with investors
  • Support for startups to expand outside the prefecture and overseas

【Provide opportunities to collaborate with the startup community】

  • Backing up the consortium’s collaboration with diverse stakeholders
  • Providing opportunities for cooperation and joint ventures with major business enterprises
  • Collaboration with startup communities in and outside of the prefecture
  • Collaboration with startup communities in and outside of the prefecture

For more information, please visit the official website of the “Okinawa Startup Ecosystem”.

Lagoon NAHA

 Address: Haseko Naha Building 1F, 1-2-13 Matsuyama, Naha, Okinawa 
Phone Number: 080-9855-6044
Business Hours: Weekdays 11:00-18:00
Closed: Saturdays, Sundays, National Holidays, and year-end and New Year holidays (12/29 – 1/3), except on event days

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