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A symbolic facility in Startup Shopping Street

Lagoon KOZA

Lagoon KOZA in Koza, Okinawa City, is an incubation facility that offers a variety of consultations on starting and running a business, including “I’d like to wallop a business idea” “I wish to start a business but don’t know where to start with” “I want to expand my business,” and more.

With the concept of “accompanying entrepreneurs from success to failure,” the company’s strengths include individual consultation by experienced staff and strong connections with related organizations.

Outer look of Lagoon KOZA. It also serves as the entrance to a Startup Shopping Street.

Lagoon KOZA is located in Koza, Okinawa City, which is thriving with startups and entrepreneurship. The facility also hosts a variety of events, including “Startup Festa,” one of the largest startup festivals held in Okinawa, and “KOZA ROCKS,” an urban conference.

The first floor is a coworking and business startup/management consultation space that is open to everyone.

View of the coworking space on the first floor.

The space can be used freely, either to focus on their work in silence or to hold a meeting using a whiteboard.

With a fee, you can also avail of their free Wi-Fi, browse books, and bring your own food and drinks. They also have a café.

The staff members are also available at the reception desk, where prospective entrepreneurs can feel free to consult with them.

Ms. Risa Sukegawa, a coordinator.

Ms. Sukegawa, the coordinator of Lagoon KOZA, says, “Lately, many businessmen are considering starting a business as their second life.”

It is my impression that the hurdle for people in Okinawa to start a business is getting lower every year, thanks to the help of support bases like this facility.

 The facility is located in a Shopping Street, making it easy to drop by.

Lagoon KOZA offers three main support menus.

③ “STARTUP BOOT CAMP: Entrepreneurship from scratch”, a specialized entrepreneurship course for the start-up phase (with fee)
This is an entrepreneurship support event organized by Ryukyu Mirai Inc., which operates the facility. This program is designed for people who are planning to start a business or are in the early stages of starting a business and is designed to help them thoroughly confront themselves as entrepreneurs over approximately four months.

As for the specific content of the program, you can learn about business design, expertise in client development, financial planning, and how to make a presentation that will impress investors.

With these three school businesses at its core, Lagoon KOZA will accompany startups and entrepreneurs in their growth.

Ms. Sukegawa says, “I feel that it is such a waste for them to inhibit their action even though they have an idea or dream. If they have any concerns about starting a business or are feeling bewildered, I hope they will take a step forward and consult with us. We can connect you with the necessary agencies and hope to assist them in shaping one’s business as they hit the wall.” She also said that she has regrets wherein she didn’t dare to take the plunge into what she wanted to do when she was a student and graduated from college with her feelings dragging on and on. That is why they can provide support that is close to the feelings of the people they are consulting with.

“I want to be the best support group for entrepreneurs and those who are thinking about starting up. As we’re having a consultation, I am always surprised, empathetic, and delighted to see people opening their own doors with their expertise in the business they want to start,” said Ms. Sukegawa with a smile. If you have any thoughts about starting a business, how about going and meeting a reliable ally?

For those who are interested in discussing entrepreneurship or connecting with entrepreneurs, we would recommend you to feel free and visit the facility or check out their regularly scheduled events.

View of Lagoon KOZA at the time of the event

User’s voice

Akihiro Matsushita

Mr. Aki Matsushita, who manages the LINNAS KANAZAWA complex at Kanazawa City in Ishikawa Prefecture, often uses Lagoon KOZA when he visits Okinawa for workcations.

“Not only is it a great place to work, but it is also a great way to get to know entrepreneurs and business people from Japan and abroad. It is also interesting to note that the facility is located in Okinawa City-Koza, which has a diverse mix of cultures. You get to know the different colors and history of Okinawa more when you live in Koza compared to when you visit as a tourist, and you’ll get inspiration,” he talked about the charm of the facility.

Lagoon KOZA

Facility Details

Address:1-7-8 Chuo, Okinawa-shi, Okinawa
Business Hours: 9:00-20:00 (Closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays)
Usage fee:500 yen/2hrs, 1,500 yen/day Business Hours: 9:00-20:00 (Closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays)
Facilities:Wi-Fi, power outlets, book reading, photocopying (Black & white/10 yen, color/50 yen), bringing own food and drinks is allowed


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