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A reasonably priced cafe-style relaxing space


MUGI, which opened in October 2018, is a pioneer in shared office & coworking in Miyakojima. It is located facing a prefectural road within walking distance from downtown and has a large parking lot behind the facility for easy access. There is also a large supermarket just a short walk away. The glass-walled exterior provides a clear view of the inside, creating an atmosphere that is easy to enter, even for first-timers.

Outside of MUGI. Both inside shared office space and coworking space can be seen from the outside, so it is easy to see how crowded it is.

The building where MUGI is situated is owned by Nikken Kaihatsu, an Okinawan limited company that operates a real estate business and a private accommodation business. “We decided to use this vacant space to open a place where people from various industries can interact with each other,” said Mr. Shimoji, who joined MUGI after it opened and is now a person in charge of management.

They also have lodging facilities on the upper floor and a franchise store of the famous Okinawan ice cream store “Blue Seal” next door. If you are tired from work, you may want to refuel with ice cream.

Mr. Shimoji of the Management Division, whom we have interviewed. He is from Miyakojima and usually works as a receptionist and cleaner at MUGI.

The facility is divided into two spaces: “coworking” and “shared office”.

“Coworking” is generally a drop-in space. Boasting a reasonable rate of 360 yen per hour or 1,500 yen per day respectively. This is a very reasonable price for the property rents are skyrocketing in Miyakojima. The fee also includes unlimited self-service of tea and coffee.

Free tea, coffee, and water servers are set up next to the lovely reception area.

The space is not large, with only 12 seats. You can, however, be relaxed in the gentle atmosphere of the café-style concept. It is a space recommended for those who wish to work in a relaxed atmosphere rather than working furiously at desks.

“Many customers come in with carry cases and wish to do a little work in their spare time before heading to the airport,” says Mr. Shimoji.

Also, if you rent a private room on the floor above, you can use the coworking facility for free.

Coworking space with individual spaces (2 seats) that can be separated by curtains.

If you look through the partitioned window from the coworking space, you will see a “shared office”. This spacious room is available only to monthly members (3 plans from 12,000 yen), and is equipped with basic facilities such as a multifunction printer, shredder, projector, whiteboard, and lockers (extra charge). 

Of course, there is also an office kitchenette, which is more efficient and user-friendly than renting your own office space. The space is also well received with the large windows overlooking the street, creating a sense of openness.

The shared office space has a total of 23 seats. Have yourself be immersed in the work at your favorite seat according to your mood.

Members can also use the coworking space. Up to three visitors are free per hour, so there is no need to worry about finding a place for meetings, etc. For as low as 2,500 yen per month, corporate registration is available, so those who are thinking of starting up a new business in Miyakojima should also take note of it.

“Currently, most of the rental car and marine businesses use the space for office work, but I think it would be good for startups to use it at their beginning stage before they have their own office,” says Mr. Shimoji.

A partition window separates the co-working (drop-in) space. The open space is one of the charms of MUGI.

Coworking is only open on weekdays, but if you become a “full-time member” or “night & holiday member” of the shared office membership, you may freely use them on weekends through a dedicated entrance.

The number of users has decreased since the COVID-19 disaster, however, “We would like to implement various measures to make the space more accessible to local residents in the future!” says Mr. Shimoji with a smile.

The coworking space is also available for private use, and workshops and seminars can be held there.

MUGI was started as a “place for exchange among various industries and people in Miyakojima.” As the name suggests, we hope that MUGI will develop into a facility that will bear fruit in many ways.

Interview and Japanese Text by Narabayashi Minako


Facility Details

ー Fee ー
Usage Fee: 360 yen/60 min. 1,500 yen/day (private island discount rate available)
Monthly membership: 12,000 yen - 20,000 yen (admission fee: 10,000 yen)
*Please refer to their homepage for more details


Address:465-1-102 Hiraranishizato, Miyakojima-shi, Okinawa
Business Hours:10:00〜18:00
Closed Days:Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, year-end and New Year holidays


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