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The largest multi-site co-working space in the prefecture


What if you could work in a well-equipped environment at any time while traveling around Okinawa at your leisure or while traveling with a purpose?

The largest co-working space in Okinawa, “howlive” makes such desires come true. From the central business district of Naha to the beach resorts that you have longed to visit, there are 6 co-working spaces located throughout the main island of Okinawa and 1 on Miyako Island, making it literally the largest co-working space in Okinawa. 

Times Building “Concentration Area”. Calm lighting and high-function chairs enhance work productivity.
“AEON MALL Okinawa Rycom Store” located on the rooftop floor of one of the largest resort-style shopping malls in the prefecture.
Yomitan Zanpa Misaki Store, a resort-style workplace that uses Snow Peak camping gear

Each playful store space is designed based on Activity Based Working. They are equipped with layouts, facilities, and functions that enhance productivity and creativity according to the nature of the work and one’s mood. It is grateful that they offer plans tailored to the needs of their users, including the price structure, for drop-in users, monthly membership users, cloud membership users who can use all facilities, private room users, and more.

Times Building Store reception desk. On the right is Ms. Taketomi of the General Affairs Department who accepted our interview.

The Times Building branch we visited for this interview is located in a high-grade office building near Kokusai Dori and the prefectural government office, and is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It features a layout that combines functionality and a sense of luxury. The space is designed with every work scene in mind, including a concentration desk area with high-function chairs and monitors, an open communication area overlooking the main street below, a phone booth with excellent sound insulation, and private rooms that can be used as a base of operations. The design might even make you forget that you are in the tropical island of Okinawa. 

Open communication area. Ideal for brainstorming and meetings.
The concentration area is also equipped with monitors, which can be used freely.

“Howlive’s strength is that we offer flexible work arrangements in various locations throughout the prefecture. It is considerably cheaper than actually setting up offices in various locations, and we want to continue to provide services that will satisfy everyone,” said Ms. Taketomi of the General Affairs Department. The Times Building branch has many registered members, including employees of local companies and entrepreneurs who are looking to start a business in Okinawa, as well as drop-ins for work vacations and business trips. Community events are held on a regular basis, and it also serves as a place for exchange and a start-up base to expand connections among businesses and businesspeople in and outside of Okinawa Prefecture.

It is truly an ideal workplace that encourages a free and creative work style.

User Voice

Mint Can Japan Co.

Representative Director Ms. Mieko Osaka

In the spring of 2022, Ms. Osaka launched a company that produces local mints in various regions of Okinawa, saying, “I want to create a new Okinawan souvenir!” She is a member of the howlive membership plan that allows her to use all of the branches. “Working in the same place all the time is a pain (lol)! I want to work when and where I want, so I use howlive. The Time Building store is in a good location and there are many clients in the area, so it is very easy to use. For me, howlive is an office and a place to exchange information. It’s great that I can make connections with other members, and we can work hard and compete with each other.”

代表取締役 大阪美恵子さん
Mint Can, recognized as one of Okinawa’s excellent prefectural products for fiscal year 2022


Facility Details

howlive Times Building Store
Address: Times Building 2F, 2-2-2 Kumoji, Naha
Operating Hours: 24 hours (drop-in hours are weekdays from 9:00 to 18:00)

Other store locations:
AEON MALL Okinawa Rycom Store (Kitanakagusuku Villaige, Nakagami District)
Yomitan Zanpa Misaki Store (Yomitan Village, Nakagami District)
Howlive Royal Hotel Store (Yomitan Village, Nakagami District)
Nago Miyazato Store (Miyazato, Nago City)
docomo howlive Urasoe (Irijima, Urasoe City)
Miyakojima store (Miyakojima City)


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