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OIST Innovation Incubator

Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST) aims for technology transfer and industrial innovation from Okinawa with outstanding researchers in and out of Japan. They also operate the OIST Innovation Incubator, an incubation facility that supports startups.

Shinji Suzuki, a manager of Incubator, says, “Not only entrepreneurs, but human resource support, accounting support, and VC firms related to R&D startups are also welcome to move in here. The OIST Innovation Incubator provides a place and opportunity for participants in the startup ecosystem to seek information and take action on their own.”

Mr. Shinji Suzuki, a manager of Incubator

The facility is located on the OIST campus and is a 500㎡ facility. It is a mixed environment of shared offices and laboratory, with a maximum capacity of about 40 people.

Outside of OIST Innovation Incubator

The facility is divided into open-space desk rooms, dedicated offices, and shared & dedicated lab space.

Layout of the facility(Image source: OIST Innovation Incubator Space

Shared office in OIST Innovation Incubator

As of April 2024, 45 companies in various industries, including agri-tech and biotech startups, have registered. In addition to startups, support companies offering recruitment, accounting, and sales support have also moved in.

You may check the current tenants from the link below→

This is a hot desk space. It can also be used as a satellite office.

A hot desk space for free use

The most distinctive feature of the facility is the shared laboratory, which is equipped with high-performance machines.

The “Wet Lab” is a shared lab that can be used on a per-bench basis, and is available for general physical and chemical experiments. The “Dry Lab” is equipped with 3D printers, laser cutters, and other specialized equipment for manufacturing.

The Wet Lab

The Dry Lab

Mr. Suzuki said, “In the growth of an R&D startup, especially in their early stages, the costs can be enormous. Being able to share high-performance machines is a big advantage.”

No matter how innovative the technology you have, we must prepare an environment to develop and sustain the business as a startup.

The background behind the creation of this facility is the accelerator program that started in 2018 in collaboration with the prefecture.

While implementing the program to support entrepreneurs from around the world, the program required the creation of an environment that would continue to support startups after they have launched their businesses, he said.

The demand for Incubator facilities was also increasing in line with the growth of R&D startups, including those startups originating from OIST.

In 2025, the new building 2 & 3 of Innovation Incubator, with a total of 2,200㎡ (1,100 each), will be completed on campus.

We look forward to the birth of many more entrepreneurs from OIST, which is surrounded by the beautiful nature of Onna Village.

The view of OIST Campus

Users’ Voices

EF Polymer Co., Ltd.
Narayan Lal Garjhar

Narayan, founder and CEO of the startup “EF Polymer,” which aims to solve global environmental issues centered around water scarcity using proprietary technology, commented, “For us, a startup that is still in its early stages, having access to OIST’s cutting-edge research facilities, as well as receiving support for networking with companies and the local community, is highly attractive. We look forward to expanding our business in the future and working towards delivering sustainable products worldwide.

OIST Innovation Incubator

Facility Details

【The facility fees are as follows (monthly)】
・Dedicated desk in the open space: 7,080 yen
・Dedicated bench in the open Dry Lab: 22,200 yen
・Dedicated bench in open Wet Lab: 22,200 yen
・Dedicated laboratory (25㎡): 84,000 yen
・Dedicated office (20㎡): 51,200 yen
・Membership fee per person: 2,500 yen
・Hotdesk/membership fee: 5,000 yen
Address:1919-1 Tancha, Onna-son, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa
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