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A hotel-like workspace

relark Naha

Naha City, the center of Okinawa, is used by many people for business trips and conferences. Are you looking for a place in the middle of such a big city where you can focus on your telework or research while relaxing? Today we are pleased to introduce “relark Naha,” which opened in October 2023 in the “Palette Kumoji” shopping complex. It has been attracting attention for its spaciousness and convenient location directly connected to Kencho-mae Station of the monorail.

A reception area with open and coworking elements.

Relark Naha is composed of three areas: the Reception area, which is an open space; the Booth area, with a high level of sound insulation; and finally the Work area, equipped with monitors in every seat.

To the left of the reception is the “reception area” featuring an open space. You can work in a relaxed atmosphere for reading, casual meetings, etc. This area is available on a drop-in basis with no reservation needed. Many students use it for studying, and many people stop by for a break on their way home from shopping. Eating, drinking, phone calling, talking, and web conferencing are also free in this area.

To our delight, there is a drink and snack corner in one corner of the reception area that is freely available to patrons. There is quite a variety of beverages, including Okinawa’s specialty drinks “A&W” and the “Bireley’s series,” as well as coffee and soups. 

There is also a snack lineup that includes “chinsuko,” a typical Okinawan snack. It is said that there are some customers from outside of the prefecture who happily pick it up saying “I’ve always wanted to try it!” If you are tired of working, take a short break here and you may get more done with your work or study.

Reception area with about 50 kinds of free drinks and snacks

Incidentally, this facility allows eating and drinking in all working areas. Since you don’t have to leave the facility for a break or lunch you brought, it is convenient to be able to spend your time and focus on your work.

“Booth area”, where you can focus in a private space, has individual booths with a comfortable greenery design. They are available in single and 4-person booths, and when the door is closed, the sound insulation is quite high, so you will not notice any noise from the surroundings. The glass walls make the private rooms feel less oppressive, and many people use them for meetings and interviews.

The booth area requires membership registration through LINE and reservation of a private room

The “work area” has about 50 seats, including counter seats and box seats, to suit your mood. Because of its location, many businessmen can be seen here on weekdays.
All seats are equipped with monitors. These are well received for it is said that “it considerably increases work efficiency!” when people connect it to their computers and use it as a dual display. Freelancers and individual entrepreneurs can use the space as if it were their own office.
Since this is a space for intensive work, conversations, calls, web conferencing, etc. are not allowed at the seats. However, there are TEL booths in the area, so there is no inconvenience.

Box area is recommended if you wish to focus completely without worrying about your surroundings

TEL booths in the work area are available without reservation

Of course, the facility is equipped with high-speed Wi-Fi and an all-in-one printer (with a fee). In addition, two conference rooms (membership registration and reservation required) that are convenient for meetings with business associates and clients, and can be used for a variety of purposes.

Conference room suitable for large group meetings. Few spaces have such a large rental conference room within the prefecture

If you need to leave for lunch, shopping, etc. while using the facilities, their hotel-like service where you can deposit your luggage at the reception desk is also convenient.

Ikumi Abe of the Palette Kumoji tenant management section, who is in charge of the operation, says, “The concept is not only to focus on work but also to make people feel comfortable and relaxed. The place has been used by businessmen on weekdays, students on weekends, and people who want to take a reading break while shopping.”

relark Naha has well-equipped and high-quality meeting rooms. How about using it when working or on a business trip to Naha?

relark Naha

Facility Details

Basic Fee
Member: 1,000 yen/60 min, 3,300 yen/day Guest: 1,400 yen/60 min, 4,500 yen/day

Ancillary Facility Fees
Private booth (for single): 165 yen/15 min Private booth wide (for 4 persons): 330 yen/15 min
Large meeting room (for 16 persons): 2,750 yen/15 min Small meeting room (for 6 persons): 1,100 yen/15 min

Payment is available by cashless payment only. Free amenities include high-speed Wi-Fi, an all-in-one printer, a shredder, a power supply, a charger, and stationery.
Address:8F Palette Kumoji, 1-1-1 Kumoji, Naha-shi, Okinawa
Business Hours:24h(Drop-in hours are weekdays 9:00~18:00)


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