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A community facility in Nago city where people can find "what they want to try"


In Nago City in northern Okinawa, a city rich in nature, there is a community facility called “Coconova” where people can find “what they want to try”. Not only is it a coworking facility, it is also everyone’s place for relaxation where creators, businesspeople, local residents, immigrants, and a wide variety of other people can casually visit.

”Coconova”, built in a renovated building that used to be a community clinic. (Photo Credit: Masaki Komatsu)

The spacious facility of approximately 700 square meters is divided into the first and second floors, with the first floor being an open space with concrete flooring. Just inside the entrance is a free space open to the public, with movable furniture and equipment freely arranged.

A space layout that would provide you with creative tips from the furniture and equipment scattered throughout.

The small tatami benches, that looks like a small separate Japanese-style dining area, are perfect for reading or planning while relaxing. The large tables are convenient for working on a computer or doing research.

The rather creative bookshelves, which can be combined to form a staircase to the stage, are lined with many books, most of which were from donations.

A unique bar counter with a wide variety of liqueur.

Furthermore, a stylish bar counter is set up in the center of the building. It has been loved by the users and people who visit for events, as a space to enjoy drinks.

Behind the bar counter, there is a billiard table, a ping-pong table, and darts, so if you get stuck at work, have yourself refreshed with some fun.

On the day of our visit, some people were working in the space, while others stopped by to play table tennis or billiards. Each seemed to enjoy finding a free use for it.

Mr. Yuki Kano (left) and Yuki Kitano, the president of Social Design Inc.

“All the furniture is movable, so it can be flexible whether you are using the entire floor for an event or renting a part of it. The first floor is a space where anyone can stop by, so local old men come to donate books, and foreigners living in Okinawa also come to the bar for a drink”

The man who explained with a smile was Mr. Yuki Kano, the president of Social Design, Inc. Together with Yuki Kitano, the director of said company, they established Coconova in January 2022 and are responsible for its operation. It is surprising to hear that the design of the facility, from building renovation to furniture design, was created solely by the team members.

“We are also particular about not over-creating. When someone starts something new, we want to search for and create it together with the users, not in a state where there is an answer, concept, or solution available from the beginning. This design was made with that in mind.” says Mr. Kitano.

In addition to being used as a coworking space and bar, Coconova can be used for a wide range of purposes, including the hosting of various events such as music and dance, workshops, lectures, and flea markets that include a parking lot area.

It is a facility that supports people with “what they want to try,” and plans and challenges it together with them.

A scene from the event held at Coconova (Photo Credit: PR TIMES)

Mr. Kitano has experience in many fields, including traveling around the world and founding a start-up company. When he happened to visit Nago city, he saw this building and thought, “I want to do something interesting here,” which led him to establish Coconova.

“I have seen many places, but Nago has a special charm. There is nature, the ocean, the people are kind, and the flow of time is different from other places. Nago is a place where ideas are born and can take shape,” he said about the charm of this land.

In addition to renting out their facilities, the management side, like Mr. Kitano and Kano, are also providing establishment/management support for startups and entrepreneurs.

A coworking space with a fee is also available on the first floor.

The space can be used as a drop-in from 500 yen per hour or as a monthly individual or corporate membership from 12,800 yen. Student rates (5,000 yen) and Nago member rates (7,800 yen) are also available, offering community and youth-friendly discounts.

There are also virtual offices, satellite offices, work plans, and plans for companies wishing to establish a branch office in northern Okinawa.

For more details, go check out their homepage→

The second floor is a free space where people can meet new people and find hints for new ideas, and the first floor is a space where people can receive support in turning the thoughts that were generated there into business and giving them form.

The first floor is a working space for more concentrated work.

Next door is a coffee and delicatessen store called Sōen, which sells food made with Okinawan ingredients and delicious coffee. It is a café during the day, a standing bar at night, and sells prepared food by weight throughout the day, making it convenient for take-out for work or a meal.

“Sōen”, a coffee and delicatessen store (Photo Credit: PR TIMES)

Many users consult with Mr. Kano and Kitano about business ideas and entrepreneurship.

“Nago is a place I want people to visit for a long stay. In this age of digital nomads, I want people to enjoy their own creativity through playing and having encounters while working in this place of beautiful nature, delicious food, and kind people.” Mr. Kano describes Nago’s charm.

“When you want to start something new, we want you to use Coconova as a starting point. If you have an interesting idea that you would like to try, please feel free to share it with us. Coconova may be able to help you.” Mr. Kitano called out.

Whether you live in Okinawa or are planning to visit Okinawa on vacation, how about extending your visit to Nago’s Coconova and experiencing “finding what you want to try” for yourself?

User’s voice

Yanbaru Car Support Inc.
Ms. Natsumi Sako

We interviewed Ms. Natsumi Sako, a user of Coconova and a member of Yanbaru Car Support Inc., which operates a co-creation car rental business in the Yanbaru region.

Ms. Sako, who had been involved in corporate reform and regional revitalization projects as a management consultant, decided to move into Nago City when she visited the city in 2022 and was struck by its charm.

The inspiration for the idea she received at Coconova, and the people she met at Coconova, have greatly influenced the establishment of her current startup.

“We want to support ‘doing what you love for a job’. There are other challenges we would like to take on aside from the car business. Coconova and Nago City are still developing places, in a good sense. That is why the sense of temperature of the community is high and there is also a sense of togetherness. Even address hoppers often compliment us on what a wonderful place it is.” She talked about Nago and the charm of the facility.


Facility Details

Address:1004 Miyazato, Nago, Okinawa
Open Hours:Tuesday~Saturday 10:00~23:00 Sunday 10:00〜18:00 (Closed on Monday)
Usage fee: Charged only on the 1st floor(Check their website for more details)


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